Tampa Home Inspections

Drone inspections – what are they, and are they important? Drones are remote-controlled devices (typically aerial for inspection purposes) and they allow us to inspect areas that are otherwise inaccessible.

Some good examples of this are roofs that are not walkable. A roof with a really steep slope that is several stories up is not uncommon to see. So how would that be accessed and thoroughly inspected? That is obviously where a drone comes in handy.

We are able to take high-resolution photos and videos of areas that otherwise would not have been able to be reached. This is very important – because if it can only be reached using a drone on an inspection, then it is likely an area that has not been regularly accessed to be maintained and repaired.

The areas that we need to utilize drones for are the areas where we often find defects. Unless a drone is used, then these defects would likely have gone unnoticed and unrepaired. These are just some of the many reasons why drones are an important thing to have on a home inspection.

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